The world of residential and commercial real estate financing has drastically changed over the last few years.  The number of foreclosures in New York State and throughout the United States has required borrowers to stop and consider their many options in navigating the process of foreclosure.  All hope is not lost.  There are valid defenses and actionable counterclaims available to property owners that will allow them to hold the lenders responsible for commercially irresponsible and negligent behavior.  Noah L. Pusey has led the charge against the foul practices of many lenders with one goal – make banks and their agents accountable for prior misconduct.  The Pusey Law Group endeavors to assist those most critically impacted by the reckless lending practices of various institutions and private financing groups.  The firm offers many services to owners who need attorneys who share their hope in resolving the financial problems of today and looking for a better tomorrow.

Over the past several years, the firm has helped numerous clients in the foreclosure arena, including:

  • Representing homeowners and investment property owners in various distressed property matters – including pre-litigation, foreclosure and post-sale proceedings
  • Prosecuting claims against originating lenders, entities that purchase loans, brokers, title companies, appraisers and settlement companies involved in commercially unreasonable lending practices – including claims sounding in predatory lending, mortgage fraud, application fraud, unconscionability, duress, home equity theft as well as violations of New York State General Business Law Section 349 and New York State Banking Law Section 6-l
  • Vacating judgments of foreclosure and avoiding the foreclosure sale from occurring
  • Zealously defending the rights and interests of honest property owners who were deceived and intentionally placed into loans they could clearly not afford or could not reasonably be assumed to afford in the future
  • Negotiating terms for short sales and other pre-judgment resolutions to loan transactions that were reasonable at the time of closing but current realities (i.e. unemployment, reduced hours) have prohibited property owners from being able to perform on their obligations.