Every day there are new and improved ways of removing the attorney from the corporate services arena.  Quick fix on-line companies offer results, but at what cost?  There is simply no substitute for honest and fair evaluation of any business transaction.  If you are interested in the proper performance of multiple corporate legal services, please contact The Pusey Law Group to discuss not only the transaction, but completing the transaction in the best manner available to you. 

The firm has unparalleled experience in:

  • Forming, restructuring and dissolving corporations and limited liability companies
  • Preparing operating agreements and shareholder agreements
  • Merging and acquiring corporate entities

And The Pusey Law Group passes all filing and entity creation and publication fees directly to its clients.  There are never any mark-ups.  We charge for only the legal services provided, not the clerical or administrative tasks performed in connection with creating, merging or dissolving your corporate entity.